Trip to Anthrax island

Also known as Gruinard Island, is a small island at Scotland. Anthrax as a weapon was developed here.

I took off in my little Boeing from Plockton Airfield. The weather wasn’t ideal, there was 22kt wind from the South and the ceiling was a bit low, but I know that the wind won’t be an issue and the weather will be better at the north.

After tooking off to the wind I turned West to fly around the peninsula, I didn’t wanted to fly it over with this low ceiling.

Despite the weather the scenery was wonderful.

I even saw a rainbow!

The plane was flying nicely with the tailwind. Despite it’s strength it was smooth, no gusts.

The land here is nice but doesn’t look welcoming.

It’s soo weird that man lives here. But they do.

The weather was clearing. I was cruising low to be able to see the scenery.

I gained some height and since the clouds wasn’t an issue anymore, I crossed the next peninsula.

I have found a nice ridge and a small settlement at Loch Ewe, namely Midtown. I noted that I’ll land it here and have some nice lunch if the locals are kind enough.

I crossed Isle of Ewe and headed to my last peninsula and the Anthrax island.

There is my destination. It isn’t toxic now and has a private owner who bought back the island for 100 GBP from the government after cleaning it. It has an interesting story, go Google it!

I did an inspection round around the island to find my ideal landing spot. I found it at the Western part of the island. The eastern beach would be also nice but the winds wasn’t favorable.

Then I landed… it wasn’t nice, I nearly overrun…. would be embarrassing.

Took some photos.

Then took off… again messed up a little bit since, because the plenty of “runway” I was a bit lazy so I took off with tailwind… it was a bad idea… but survived. Sigh…

Headed back to Midtown.

Isle of Ewe again.

After another inspection I found a nice landing spot near to a small farm.

There is it! Next to my wing.

What a nice place!

The landing was a bit bumpy, because of the wind and the ground, but without any issue.

The farmer was nice and given me a ride to Coille Bheag where I spend the next few days.


I usually fly in mountainous terrain but today I was flying over relatively flat terrain. I was taking off from Herrenteich Airport (EDEH) (because I was this place in World of Aircraft : Glider Simulator) and did a small tour around Neuenheim and Kleingemünd. Wow!!! It was splendid maybe because of the low sun or the smooth air, I don’t know, but it was so nice and calm.

That is Neuenheim, a nice river running through it. I followed the river to the hills.

Kleingemünd is in a valley by the river. Looks nice.

That is some military airfield. There are more in this region.

My grass strip at the left side of the river.

My Piper Arrow III in the sunset.