Péter Károly "Stone" JUHÁSZ

"I like to be someone, who is between you and the internet, someone who makes things work, web-pages to show, emails to arrive, phones to ring, etc... to be someone you don't even know to exist, but to be there to make sure the things work well and smoothly... invisibly."


I am Péter Károly “Stone” JUHÁSZ. I was born at 1980. I live in Hungary, Europe.

I am a programmer mathematician. I work as a system administrator.

I interested in: server administration, artificial intelligence (precisely: games, machine learning and neural networks), network security, p2p technologies and distributed systems.

My hobbies includes: programing, computers (I love Linux, and the whole open-source thing), android, photography, geocaching, hiking, play the game of go, listen to music, unicycling, learning chinese …


IT skills

Operating Systems: GNU/Linux (Ubuntu, Arch), Android, Windows

Virtualization platforms: VMware vSphere, KVM, VirtualBox, LXC

Programming languages: Ada, Assembly, Bash, BASIC, C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python

Server applications: Apache, Asterisk, BackupPC, BIND, Courier, Cyrus, Exim, Git, KVM, Munin, MySQL, Nagios, netfilter, Open iSCSI, OpenLDAP, OpenVPN, postfix, Pure FTP, rsync, Lighttpd, LVM, LXC, SCB, SSB, syslog-ng, Zorp firewall

Web skills: AJAX, CSS, HTML

Office skills: GIMP, LaTeX, Libreoffice

Language skills

Hungarian: Native

English: Upper intermediate

Chinese: Lower intermediate

Documents & Downloads

These are some of the documents what I wrote during the years (for example my thesis) and also my CV. (Sorry buy many of this is only in Hungarian.)


Feel free to contact me at: stone at midway dot hu